Hello and welcome. Whether you’re new to us, an old friend, or a prospective student, I welcome you to the first Aberystywth Law School PG Blogging Website!

This website aims to prevent the catastrope that is a PhD thesis being shelved. Sadly, many PhD theses will sit on the shelves once completed, maybe never to see the light of day beyond the VIVA or corrections period. But, this is all work that should be accessible and displayed proudly. Work that has inspired you for a minimum of 3 years and will undoubedly be interesting and useful to someone other than you, even if that someone is on the other side of the world. Often, this work is of benefit, not just to those in academia or even business, but to those in your communities – should they be able to access the information and read it without all of the typical jargon.

The website gives students at Aberystwyth’s Law School a space to share their work and their experiences, not only to support their own development, but also to encourage public and academic engagement, and even to bring other PG students (from other institutions) together in our experiences.

Equally, the website also plays host to the “LawStories” podcast where you will hear relevant and/or interesting law related stories, facts and discussions from experts in an accessible manner.

Please see out About Us section for future information on the purpose of this website, and see our current blog posts to get you started.

I thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and reading my welcome.

Linda Thompson, (PhD Candidate)