About Us

old-college-backAberystwyth University is a research driven University. Each year the University plays a huge role in developing, strengthening and enhancing the researcher workforce and sustaining research excellence, both from staff and students.

PG students in Aberystwyth are encouraged to take opportunities to improve their research knowledge and experience, and in doing so, this often improves the University’s vibrant research culture. But, where does one begin on this journey?

The key to any successful research career is not merely found in the design and writings of ones research. Of course, this is an essential part, (and yes I recognise it to be the core role), but other important aspects come into play too. One such example is the dissemination of such work, without which, ones glorious design, writings and findings may never see the light of day again beyond the Viva! And that IS a catastrophe!

For this reason, this student led website offers and encourages fellow Aberystwyth Law School students a space to share their work and their experiences, not only to support their own development, but also to encourage public and academic engagement, and even to bring other PG students (from other institutions) together in our experiences.